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Dog Training

For the Love of Dogs, LLC offers both behavioral and obedience training. When we walk your dog, we always work on basic leash manners.  Training sessions, however, are more intense and cover more than the basic leash manners that dogs should know when being walked. Our training is one-on-one and highly individualized, allowing us to meet the goals that you have for your pup! We work with your dog and your family to give you a truly personal training experience. All of our qualified trainers on our team will have a "trainer" tag on the bio page! Check it out! 

For the Love of Dogs, LLC offers a six-week training program. Our company boasts a highly personalized training program that allows you and your trainer to work together and create a list of goals that fits both you and your pup's needs. After the initial six-week course, some owners may wish to extend training for a longer duration but with less frequency. This is optional and something you can discuss with your trainer!

Please note that we are balanced dog trainers. We use a foundation of positive reinforcement and introduce training collars and tools only when necessary. 


Dog training:

     6 week package is $510 ($85/hour session after that)

    Initial consult $20

  • The consult is virtual, over Facetime or Zoom. Your trainer will discuss your training goals, evaluate your pups and develop a training plan. You may even be assigned homework until sessions can begin.

Board and Train

    2 week program for pups over 6 months is $2,000

    2 week program for pups 6 months and younger* is $2,500

      (*or those that require house breaking and/or crate training)

  • During the program, your pup will receive socialization with other pups of all ages, positive reinforcement, and daily obedience training. Behavioral issues that were brought up during the consult will be specifically worked on to give your pup the best opportunity to get rid of bad habits.  We will follow up with a few group sessions to ensure that behavioral changes haven't relapsed.

  • Both board and train packages include go home training tools such as a mini or micro educator, slip lead, prong collar and safety clip, martingale or harness, three private sessions after program completion and a complimentary Reactive Rover group class.

  • Please note, our program is designed to obedience train your dog and work on some behavioral issues. If your pup requires house-training, there is no guarantee that your puppy will come home fully housebroken but the foundation will be in place for further training within your home. 


Daycare Training starts at $20 per 30 min session 

  • Ideal for tiring out your puppies or dogs who need extra socialization and behavioral help.

  • This option is subject to availability and is not offered by all trainers.

Our training programs are highly personalized and vary considerably from dog to dog and owner to owner. They vary both in the structure and layout of our programs as well as in the cost and duration of the training.  We understand that what works for one canine partnership will not work for everyone. Each of our training programs is custom tailored to your specific situation. There are a number of factors that we evaluate prior to building a training package for you: such as your dog’s age, temperament, previous training, as well as your training goals. In order to come up with a plan that will work best for you and your dog, we offer a discounted consultation. This is an opportunity for us to meet with your family as well as your dog and gain insight into the unique circumstances that affect your dog’s training.


Behavioral training

Behavioral training is any type of training that teaches dogs to behave well around both people and other animals. This includes housebreaking, obeying basic commands, and enforcing proper social skills. Our trainer will also work to correct any behavioral problems such as excessive barking, chewing on furniture, or aggression. Behavioral training is the very basic foundation of training that is appropriate for younger dogs who are just joining your family or older dogs who may have picked up a few bad habits.


Obedience training

Obedience training is any type of training that focuses on your pup following commands. This includes but is not limited to 'sit', 'stay', 'lie down' 'drop it', etc. Obedience training may include some behavioral training to resolve any behavioral issues before moving onto obedience lessons. This type of training is appropriate for pups of all ages.

Our past and present students! 


I just wanted to thank you for your service.  When we go on vacation, I have no worries. The daily e-mails and progress reports keep me at ease. Paddington is well cared for and your attention is diligent. Most importantly, the training that you have provided has created a huge turnaround. When you rescue, you never know what you are going to get. Paddington is such a nice boy but he does not realize that he is 105 lbs. Although in his mind he was just playing, I thought we would have to find another option for him when he tackled my daughter. This action is and was not acceptable to me. Your idea to expose him to kid’s running and in action is brilliant.  He always comes home from training exhausted.  As you know, this is hard to do with Paddington. He comes inside when I call him. He listens much better.  He goes immediately to the left side when I walk him. He is not even 2 years old and I cannot believe the results. He loves his time with you and it is so worth the small cost that you charge. Paddington is here to stay thanks to you and your efforts.  You have a customer for life. Thanks again.

—  John Moore

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