These quotes are an estimate of what you can expect to pay.


Please note that rates may vary and are based on:

  • location

  • number of pets

  • temperament and age of pets

  • length of time required to meet all needs each day/visit

  • extra services needed (example: diaper changing or cleaning up messes)

We strive to keep our rates competitive and fair in order to serve you well. You can find out more about the services we offer throughout Wilmington and the surrounding area here! 
  • 15 minute walks start at $18.00

  • 30 minute walks start at $20.00.

  • Hour walks start at $25.00.

  • Prices are for one dog. Each additional dog is $5.00 per walk. (Dog must reside in the same household.)

Dog Walks

  • 15 minute visits start at $18.00 

  • 30 minute visits start at $23.00.

  • Hour visits start at $28.00.

Check-ins/ Visits

  • 15 minute visits start at $18.00.

  • 30 minute visits start at $20.00.

  • Hour visits start at $25.00.

Cat Visits

  • Overnight care starts at $90.00 per 24-hour period and is then broken down into quarter days.

  • Cat overnight prices may be slightly less.

  • Further information and breakdown of prices available here.

Overnight Care

  • Normal ride-alongs start at $60 per day.

  • Training ride- alongs start at $70 per day.

  • Both prices include dropping off and picking up. 


  • Starting at $50 for a full day (8 hours)

    • Additional dogs $15 each.​ (Must reside in same household.)

  • Pickups and drop-offs included in the price. 

  • Further information available here.

Doggie Daycare

Dog Training

  • Training Sessions start at $45.00 per hour.

  • Initial consults are $20.00

  • Board-and train services start at $1500 for a 2 week course.

  • Training ride-alongs start at $70.

  • Daycare training starts at $65 per day.

  • More information available here.

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