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Overnight Care

We currently offer two options for overnight care!

  • Overnight Housesitting, occurs in your home - We stay with your pet in your home to ensure your pet feels safe and relaxed while you're away.

    • Includes everything that occurs during a visit: feeding, playtime, walks as needed, and more.

    • House sitting overnights include breakfast, dinner, and bedtime walks/visits, as well as whatever extra TLC your pet may need during the night.

      • Most of our regularly scheduled walks occur around the middle of the day, which means our sitter may not be at your home during those times. There will be an additional charge if a mid-day visit is required, and depending on availability, it may not be the same sitter for the midday visits.  

    • We also bring in your mail, water your plants, feed your fish, and make your home appear "lived in" while you are away.

    • We always leave your home as clean we found it.

    • Available for any type of pet.

    • Please note, our standard start and end time is our dinner time frame. Please indicate if you need us to start earlier and this will be scheduled as a visit. 

  • Sleepaway Camp, occurs in sitter's home - This option is only available with a few of our sitters and is available on a case by case basis. Your pet comes to stay with us while you are away and is treated like a part of our family.


      3 day minimum stay required for all new overnight guests. This allows your pup(s) a chance to acclimate to their new surroundings and gives us an opportunity to make sure it's a good fit.

    • You are required to provide your pup's food, treats, and any extra items your dog needs. ​

    • Dogs who stay in our home must be dog friendly and fixed (if over 7 months of age) as the team members currently offering this service have dogs of their own and provide doggie daycare in their home. 

    • Dogs who stay in our home have the opportunity to attend doggie daycare at no additional cost.

    • Please note that our standard weekday (M-F) pick up and drop off times are between 7-9 AM and 3-5 PM. Our standard weekend (Sat-Sun) pickup and drop off times are between 8-10 AM and 4-6 PM. There is an additional charge of $25 for anything outside of these time frames.

Your overnights seem pricey! Why should I choose For the Love of Dogs, LLC over cheaper public boarding facilities? 

  • Our overnight stays include general care and feeding of your pets, as well as bringing in your mail and monitoring your home (rotating lights, cleaning up after your pet, making sure your pet doesn't eat your curtains or chew a couch cushion). In addition to all of this, we also stay overnight so that your pet is comfortable and has lots of human interaction. This gives your home a more "lived in" look so your house is not just sitting empty and dark while you're gone!   

  • Pets in our care get plenty of love and socialization, and are fully tired at the end of each day. It is like their own vacation while you're on your vacation and it allows them to remain in a stress-free, calm environment by staying in familiar surroundings. 

  • You do not have to worry about your pet picking up any illnesses such as Kennel Cough or a parasite from a public boarding facility.  One of our sitters, Courtney Donahue is a licensed Vet Tech, and is available if any medical issue should arise while you're gone.

  • Many pets have anxiety and don't do well staying away from home. This is where we come in! We offer highly personalized care to suit your pets' needs. We have a large growing team, and always do our best to pick the most suitable person for the job based not just on your location, but your pet's temperament and requirements. We are available to give your pets more individualized love and care than larger boarding facilities.

  • Your pets are treated like a part of the family, not just a kenneled animal, whether they stay in our home or yours.

  • We are in constant communication with you; checking in with photo or video updates several times per day.

  • Finally, in addition to all of this, the business is licensed, bonded, and insured to give you peace of mind. 


  • $100 for up to 2 dogs per 24 hour period in your home.

  • $115 for 3+ dogs per 24 hour period in your home.

  • Overnights in OUR home are $105 for 1 dog, $130 for 2 dogs, $155 for three dogs

  • There is a 5% discount for overnight care 7 days or longer.

  • Deposit of one night required at time of booking.

  • Our "in client home" overnight rates include the typical morning, evening, and night time visits with the addition of your sitter staying overnight. Midday visits are not included and can be added for an additional fee.

  • A typical morning start or morning pickup/drop off window is between 7:30-9:30 AM during the weekday. For "in sitter home" overnights, the morning pickup window can extend to 10:30 AM on weekends.

  •  A typical afternoon start or afternoon pickup/drop off is between 3-6 PM.

  • For "in sitter home" overnights-any pickup/drop off needed for 7 pm or later is an additional $25 and is dependent on sitter availability. 

Deposits for Overnight Care

  • An overnight deposit is required to secure your travel dates and to ensure that our team is not negatively affected by last minute cancellations. The deposit is non-refundable (but will be credited to your account up to two weeks prior to service) and is the cost of one full day's charge. 

  • Please note that the dates requested are not officially reserved until the deposit is received. In order to avoid losing your reserved dates, we suggest paying a deposit within a week of requesting overnight care.

  • If cancellation occurs three weeks (or more) prior to service, your deposit will be credited to your account and applied to a future service request. If cancellation occurs two weeks (or less) the deposit is nonrefundable and will not be credited to your account. While we do understand emergency cancellations, our team's time is valuable and pet sitting is our livelihood. If we have our schedules blocked off for overnight house sitting, and a cancellation occurs at the last minute, our team members may have lost out on other valuable overnight opportunities. Please note that for holidays, we require a month notice for cancellations.

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